Coastal News and Publications | Newsletters

Coastal Zone Management Program

Coastal Management News  is a newsletter that comes out three times a year and highlights activities from state and territory coastal management programs.

CZMA Climate Change and Coastal Hazards E-News Update is a periodic newsletter focusing on climate change (as it pertains to coastal hazards) and coastal hazards activities.

Gulf of Mexico News is a quarterly newsletter that shares regional news from NOAA, coastal management programs, and other regional partners such as the Gulf Of Mexico Alliance.

Coastal Management Fellowship News included in Fellow News, a quarterly newsletter published by the Coastal Services Center that provides information about NOAA fellows and fellowship programs. 


NERRS News contains weekly news updates from the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS).


NOAA Coral Reef News is a monthly e-newsletter that provides current information on the activities of NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program and other relevant NOAA programs. Current and back issues are available.

The Coral Fellowship Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter providing information about NOAA Coral Reef Management fellows and the fellowship program. This newsletter is published by the Coral Reef Conservation Program.


MPA Connections is an e-newsletter published by the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Center. Regular articles include clarifying misconceptions about MPAs, profiles of volunteers, updates on the MPA Federal Advisory Committee, new reports or studies released by the MPA Center, and details on the progress of developing the national system of MPAs in the United States.