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State Facts

Miles of Coast: 63

Coastal Population (2000): 5,898,137

Lead Coastal Management Agency: Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Approval Date: January 2012

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Ocean and Coastal Management in Illinois

Illinois' Coastal Program

Illinois’ Coastal Management Program (ICMP) is the newest state partner in the National Coastal Zone Management Program gaining approval in 2012. The Illinois coastal zone stretches 63 miles along Lake Michigan and encompasses the state’s coastal watershed as well as some inland waterways and adjacent land that would have historically drained to Lake Michigan. While its coastal zone is highly urbanized, home to nearly six million people and many vibrant industries, it also contains popular recreational opportunities, some of the rarest and most diverse habitats in the state, and important cultural resources.

Photo of Chicago

View of Downtown Chicago waterfront from Lake Michigan.

The ICMP, under the direction of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Coastal Management, focuses on several priority issues including invasive species control, habitat and ecosystem restoration, sustainable growth, economic development, public access and recreation. The coastal management program provides technical assistance to help coastal communities address these priorities and administers a coastal grants program to provide financial support.





Illinois Department of Natural Resources— The website provides information on the Program’s evolution in the State of Illinois and includes a link to the ICMP.

Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Illinois Coastal Management Program - The State of Illinois has submitted a coastal management program for NOAA approval pursuant to the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) of 1972 as amended, 16 U.S.C. 1451

Record of Decision (ROD) on Approval of the Illinois Coastal Management Program by NOAA - The Record of Decision was signed January 31, 2012, approving the Illinois Coastal Management Program.

Federal Register Notice for the ROD

Contact Information for Illinois Program
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
160 N. LaSalle, Suite S-700
Chicago, IL   60601
(312) 814-2751