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Federal Funding Opportunities - How to Apply

Fiscal Year 2014 CELCP Funding Opportunity

NOAA received applications for fiscal year 2014 CELCP funding for coastal and estuarine land conservation projects (the deadline was November 15, 2013). The agency anticipates that up to $3,000,000 may be available through CELCP appropriations and approximately $800,000 through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. NOAA anticipates selecting projects in the spring of 2014 if funding is available.

Applicants should read the Announcement of Federal Funding Opportunity for information on program priorities, applicant eligibility, and eligibility criteria for projects, as well as the information below on submitting an application.

Application Process

Each year, subject to available funding, NOAA runs a funding competition, which has two phases - a state competition and a national competition. NOAA initiates the competition by issuing an annual federal funding opportunity notice, which describes the eligibility criteria for the competition, including who may apply, how many projects each eligible coastal state or territory may submit, and how much funding may be requested for each project.

Phase 1 - State Competition

The state or territory CELCP lead contact (CELCP in Your State) runs the state-level selection process to determine which projects are eligible and best suited for the national competition. Interested parties should contact their state or territory lead contact for information on submitting a project proposal to the state competition. The CELCP lead agency submits selected applications for the national competition through Grants.gov (Grants.gov, Applicant Resources).

Phase 2 - National Competition

For the national competition, NOAA conducts a technical review and a merit-based peer review to rank the projects. The ranked list serves as a guide for selecting projects for funding. Once NOAA announces the list of winning projects, CELCP staff members work with recipients to finalize their grant application for NOAA approval.


Coastal states having a coastal management program or National Estuarine Research Reserve approved under the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972 may participate in CELCP. A state must have developed a CELCP plan (CELCP in Your State) to compete for funding. Each participating state or territory has a lead CELCP contact who coordinates the program (typically, the coastal management agency), including the development of its CELCP plan, and runs the state selection process.

Within those states eligible to compete for funds, additional state agencies and local governments, as defined in the CELCP Final Guidelines, may receive funds and hold title to land under CELCP. Eligible state and local governments should contact their state CELCP lead for information on the state's priorities and selection process.

The maximum amount of grant funds available per project is specified in the federal funding opportunity notice. To be eligible for funding, the proposed project must fulfill these criteria:

CELCP's authorizing legislation requires that 15 percent of funds be provided to projects that benefit National Estuarine Research Reserves. To qualify, applicants must include a support letter from the appropriate reserve manager describing and validating benefits to the reserve. Applicants should show the relative location of the project to the reserve's targeted watershed boundary, within which conservation activities provide direct benefits to the reserve. Targeted watershed maps may be found in CELCP in Your State.