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Examples of SAMPs

A number of states have developed Special Area Management Plans (SAMPs) to address special coastal areas. The following table, while not comprehensive, provides a listing and links to many of those SAMPs.

Table: Special Area Management Plans or Similar Regional Plans developed by State Coastal Zone Management programs


SAMP Title

Issues Tackled


Pea Patch Island Heron Rookery SAMP

Living resources and habitat protection.

DE South Wilmington SAMP Waterfront revitalization and resource management.
FL Waterfronts Florida Waterfront revitalization.


Pleasant Bay ACEC Management plan

Water quality and watershed planning, habitat protection, fisheries management, shoreline change and shoreline structures, waterways safety and navigation, public access, and historic resources.


Port of Pascagoula SAMP

Natural resource management, dredging, dredge material disposal.


Hackensack SAMP (*This SAMP was not adopted)

Habitat protection, water quality, commercial development.


Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Comprehensive Management Plan

Water quality, habitat protection. Management of cumulative and secondary impacts.


Local Waterfront Redevelopment Plans (numerous)

Waterfront redevelopment, harbor management, habitat and water quality protection.


Estuary Management Plans (various -17)

Water quality and habitat.


Salt Pond SAMP

Water quality, water dependent land use, natural and living resources management, and aesthetics.


Narrow River SAMP

Water quality, water dependent land use, natural and living resources management, and aesthetics.


Greenwich Bay SAMP

Water quality.


Metro Bay SAMP

Waterfront redevelopment, public access, water quality, natural resource management, and hazards

RI Pawcatuck River SAMP Interstate coordination, water quality, natural resource management.
RI Aquidneck Island SAMP Currently under development. Waterfront development, public access, natural resource management, and hazards


Rhode Island Ocean SAMP

Offshore energy siting, ocean uses, natural resource management, climate change.

SC Cooper River Corridor SAMP Cultural resources management, water based recreation, and natural resources management.


Ashley River SAMP

Dock and marina management, boat traffic, buffers, and archaeological sites.


Beaufort County SAMP

Stormwater controls, wastewater disposal in the county, water quality monitoring, boating management.

SC Murrells Inlet SAMP Water quality, drainage improvement, sustainable development, oyster reef management.


Dragon Run Watershed SAMP

Watershed management, water quality, habitat.


Northampton County SAMP

Conflicts between habitat and farmland protection and development sprawl.


Southern Watersheds Area Management Plan (Chesapeake and Virginia Beach )

Water quality, water quantity, navigation and recreation habitats, and farmland protection.


Grays Harbor Estuary Management Plan

Multiple use management, wetland mitigation, salmon habitat restoration.

*Note this SAMP was never finalized. However, it has provided numerous benefits for management and restoration of the area post, and the lessons learned regarding the failure of the SAMP to be adopted are extremely useful.