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NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) funding supports ocean and coastal management through a variety of programs.

Coastal Management Programs: OCRM awards four types of funding to the nation’s 34 state and territory state coastal zone management programs, to protect, restore, and responsibly develop coastal communities and resources. In FY 2012, state coastal management programs received over $65 million if federal funding that supported a variety of critical coastal management projects.

National Estuarine Research Reserves: OCRM provides funds to 28 state National Estuarine Research Reserves under Section 315 of the CZMA to operate and manage the reserves. The funds support research, education, stewardship, system-wide monitoring and graduate research fellowships at the reserves. Funding is also used to acquire land for reserves and construct reserve facilities as needed. States must provide 1:1 matching funds for land acquisition projects.  Federal funds for other operation, management, and construction activities must be matched by states at a 7:3 federal to state ratio.

Through the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP), OCRM provides 1:1 matching funds to eligible coastal states and local governments to protect important coastal and estuarine areas that have significant conservation, recreation, ecologic, historic, or aesthetic values.  Coastal states develop CELCP plans to identify the most important areas for acquisition. States nominate their best projects to a national, competitive selection process.

The Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Center is charged with establishing a comprehensive national system of marine protected areas.  The MPA center works in partnership with the Department of the Interior and other federal, state, territorial, tribal and local agencies and focuses on implementing and developing the national system and strengthening capabilities of existing MPA programs and their sites.  Funding also supports national MPA system-related scientific, technical, information, planning, coordination, outreach and communication activities.

Coral Reef Conservation Program: The Coral Reef Conservation Program provides funding to more than 35 offices across NOAA for coral reef conservation and supports three coral reef research institutes. The program also coordinates two grant programs that fund governments, academic institutions, fisheries management councils, non-government organizations, and community groups.