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Federal Consistency Resources

Here you can access the following reference, guidance and resource information:

Federal Consistency Overview —This document is an overview of the federal consistency provision based on the statute, the regulations, legislative history and other information. This is also the principal document used in the Federal Consistency Workshops.

Federal License or Permit Map — Illustrates how federal consistency applies to “federal license or permit activities” under the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) section 307(c)(3)(A), using the “listed,” “unlisted” and “geographic location description” requirements in NOAA’s regulations at 15 CFR §§ 930.53 and 930.54. 

Coastal Zone Management Act — Links to the CZMA document on Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management’s (OCRM’s) main web page.

Federal Consistency Regulations — NOAA’s regulations on implementing the CZMA federal consistency provision: 15 C.F.R. part 930.

State Federal Consistency Lists —Provides links to states’ lists of Federal agency, Federal license or permit, and Federal financial assistance activities that are subject to federal consistency review, as well as any geographic location descriptions for those activities.

State Coastal Zone Boundaries — Describes each state’s coastal zone boundary.

Federal Consistency Workshops — Provides information on OCRM’s Federal Consistency Workshops to: (1) provide a basic understanding of federal consistency, (2) discuss in more detail some of the problem areas that have occurred over the past few years, and (3) provide a forum for states and federal agencies to learn about each others' programs, coastal management concerns, and federal consistency procedures. 

CZMA Federal Consistency Appeals Website — Provides links to a spreadsheet of all appeals filed with the Secretary and the disposition of the appeals, and to appeal decision documents provided by NOAA's Office of General Counsel, Oceans and Coasts Section.  

Federal Consistency Policy Decisions & Guidance — Federal Consistency documents here include memoranda and statements issued by OCRM to clarify certain federal consistency or program change issues.

Interstate Consistency - Contains general information on interstate consistency and documents pertaining to state interstate submissions to OCR under 15 C.F.R. part 930, subpart I.

Federal Consistency Bulletins — OCRM no longer publishes the bulletins as all information will now be placed on this web page.  Previous issues are found below.
Issue No. 1 - January 1993
Issue No. 2 - August 1993
Issue No. 3 - June 1994
Issue No. 4 - February 1996
Issue No. 5 - April 1997

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