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Federal Consistency Regulations

The official 2007 version of the CZMA federal consistency regulations is now available at this link: Federal Consistency Regulations – 15 C.F.R. part 930.  The regulations can also be accessed at www.gpo.gov under Code of Federal Regulations. 

The 2007 version of 15 C.F.R. part 930 includes changes made in 2006 — On January 5, 2006, NOAA published in the Federal Register the Final Rule revising certain sections of NOAA's Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) federal consistency regulations, 71 Fed. Reg. 787-831 (Jan. 5, 2006). On December 19, 2006, NOAA published in the Federal Register technical corrections to the Final Rule, 71 Fed. Reg. 75864-75865 (Dec. 19, 2006).

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