Ocean and Coastal Resource Management: Contacts

OCRM is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, northwest of Washington, DC.
The Office also has several small satellite regional offices.

The Office's primary mailing address is:

Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
NOAA Ocean Service
1305 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Acting Director: Margaret Davidson
Phone: 843-740-1200 (Charleston, SC)
e-mail: Margaret.Davidson@noaa.gov

Deputy Director: Donna Wieting
Phone: 301-713-3155 x123
e-mail: Donna.Wieting@noaa.gov

Acting Deputy Director: John King
Phone: 301-713-3155 x188
e-mail: John.King@noaa.gov

OCRM Division Directories

Front Office
Coastal Programs Division
Coral Reef Conservation Program
Estuarine Reserves Division
Marine Protected Areas Center
National Policy and Evaluation Division
Business Management Division